25 Things That Make Life Worth Living

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Leave your favorites below!

1. 1. Corgi puppies.

2. 2. Good coffee.

4. 4. Bunnies in sombreros.

5. 5. A good hug.

6. 6. Awesome dads.

7. 7. Awesome moms.

You know Amy Poehler is probably one of the raddest moms out there.

8. 8. Free samples at the grocery store.

I don’t know what’s going on in this picture, but these people are having a great time.

9. 9. Babies being babies.

10. 10. Interspecies chillin’.

11. 11. Finding money in your pocket.

12. 12. A good book.

13. 13. Sexy time.

You know what I’m saying.

14. 14. This winking cat.

He knows what I’m saying.

15. 15. Dancing with your crew.

17. 16. Dancing by yourself.

18. 17. Bacon-wrapped anything.

Like the Meat Tornado.

19. 18. Cooling off on a hot day.

Pass me a Duff, Homer. It’s gonna be scorcher.

20. 19. People that don’t let age get them down.

21. 20. Pie.

She was just eating pie, right?

22. 21. Singing in the shower.

23. 22. Singing in the car.

24. 23. Being super excited about something and not caring what anybody else thinks.

Like ice cream.

25. 24. When you are at a concert and they play your favorite song.

Oh my goodness! They’re playing “Ride The Lightning”!

26. 25. And finally… Growing old with the one you love.

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