15 Reasons You Might Be A Third-Generation Mexican-American

Because hitting a piñata is different than knowing how to correctly pronounce it.

15. You call flip-flops “chanclas.”

As in, “Mom! The dog ate my chanclas, again!”

14. You store your pots and pans in the oven.

Apparently, also pineapples.

13. You are offended when people don’t know the difference between Tabasco, Cholula, and Tapatío.

Trust me, there is a difference, and if you don’t agree then we’re in a fight.

12. This logo makes you laugh.

I guess this is some sort of Mexican Wonder Bread. Who knew?

11. You think “Cantiflas” is the Bumblebee Man’s real name on The Simpsons.

It’s actually “Yaritza Burgos,” so now you know.

10. You can’t handle tequila.

Exactly my thoughts, Bones.

9. The only Chivas you know is the whiskey.

“Wait, it’s also a soccer team? TWO soccer teams?! AND SOCCER IS CALLED ‘FUTBOL’ NOW?! SINCE WHEN?”

8. You’ve been to Spain, but not Mexico.

Same thing, right?

7. Your parents still call you “mijo/mija.”

And it tickles your heart every time.

6. You panic when people start singing “Las Mañanitas,” the Mexican birthday song.

“Just pretend like you know it, no one will notice…”

5. You actually like El Torito’s food.

It’s not Grandma’s, but hey, what is?

4. You have one sibling, but twenty-four aunts and uncles and countless cousins.

“Whose kid are you? Know what? Doesn’t matter. Wanna play G.I. Joe’s in the backyard?”- Me, at every party growing up.

3. You eat menudo, but without the “meat.”

The “meat” being a cow’s stomach lining, if that floats your boat.

2. Your significant other is White.

I know Ricky is Cuban, but you get the point.

1. And finally… You don’t speak Spanish.

But you did take French in high school. C’est la vie!

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