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What Extremely Odd Moment In "Twilight: Eclipse" Are You Based On Your Halloween Preferences?

I'm stuck in 2010 and taking you all back with me. Plus pumpkins.

First, pick a spooky song:
Now how will you decorate your front porch?
Choose an aesthetic picture to set as your lockscreen until November 1st:
Who's your favorite witch?
  • Sabrina Spellman
  • The Sanderson Sisters
  • Marnie Piper from Halloweentown
  • Hermione Granger
    Warner Bros.
  • The witches from AHS: Coven
  • Alexandra and Camryn from Twitches
  • Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries
    The CW
  • The sisters from Charmed 
    The CW
  • The Weird Sisters
  • The witches from The Craft
    Columbia Pictures
What costume will you wear?
How will you decorate your jack-o'-lantern?
And finally, what's your favorite ~spooky season~ activity?
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