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This Woman Fights Gender Stereotypes With Hilarious Cartoons

She wrote the last "How to Drive Your Man Crazy in Bed" guide you'll ever need to read.

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British cartoonist Gemma Correll is frustrated with magazines geared toward women, so she uses art to poke fun at the stereotype.

"l'll buy a crappy Cosmo or whatever, and then I just hate myself for buying it," Correll, 30, told BuzzFeed News. "I just think it’s so funny."

Correll hopes her feminist humor can be a starting point for young girls first exploring gender issues.


She's been drawing professionally for seven years, and has several books to her name.

Happy International Women's Day! #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2015

In addition to magazines, she also expertly skewers trends she sees online.

enough with the Disney Princess stuff already.

OK, we might be guilty.

"I think if you're annoying people, you're definitely doing something," Correll said.

Added "Feminist" to my Twitter bio. This is my life now.


Though some of her comics are just about sharing a good, honest pun.

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