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    19 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Sum Up How You Feel About Your Crush

    it's called a crush because it crushes your soul.

    1. When you will use ANY excuse to talk about your crush.

    2. When nothing — NOTHING — will keep you away from your truuuuu love

    3. When every small step your crush takes is obviously one step away from you.

    4. When you reach new highs (or lows, whatever) for your crush.

    5. When there've been volumes written about your game.

    6. When your psychology degree comes in handy.

    7. When you have literally no control over what your face is doing around your crush.

    8. When you think you're being subtle, but uhhhhh, no dice.

    9. When you're like, well, that escalated quickly.

    10. When there's gotta be a logical reason why your crush isn't crushing back.

    11. Really, a VERY logical answer.

    12. I mean, this seems like a legit response.

    13. When you just hear what you wanna hear.

    14. When honestly, death seems like a sweet release.

    15. Really.

    16. When your prayers are just NOT being answered.

    17. When you have taken your crush to seven continents and at least two languages.

    18. When you can't tell if it's you...or if it's you.

    19. And when you finally admit that you've got it bad.