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26 People Who Were Really, Ridiculously Hot When They Were Younger

*internally screams at this picture of Richard Nixon*

1. You guys, this is young Richard Nixon. I don't even know.

2. We're just saying, young Anthony Hopkins could GET IT.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

3. So could young Ian McKellen.

Mccarthy / Getty Images

4. And young Samuel L. Jackson.

Morehouse College
Morehouse College

5. Young Stephen Colbert? Yes, please.

6. Look how stunning Susan Sarandon is here.

7. And Robert De Niro.

United Artists
Paramount Pictures

8. Excuse me, young Joe Biden.

9. Hello, young Anjelica Huston.

Evening Standard / Getty Images

10. Young Bernie Sanders, if you're into that professorial corduroys + unkempt hair kind of thing.

Brooklyn College

11. Matt LeBlanc? Uh-huh.

Michelle Neese / Getty Images

12. Helen Mirren is UNF.

Sony Pictures Studios

13. Mads Mikkelsen? For sure.

J. Vespa / WireImage

14. Here's proto–soft boy Christopher Walken.

Orion Pictures

15. Jessica Lange looking perfect.

Keystone / Getty Images

16. And a young James Earl Jones.

Historical / Getty Images

17. Meryl Streep looking gorgeous AF.

Keystone / Getty Images

18. Martin Sheen, wearing a jean jacket to death.

Warner Bros.

19. Laurence Fishburne, giving a look.

Columbia Pictures

20. Young Albert Finney really enjoying that drink.

John Pratt/Keystone Features / Getty Images

21. Drew Carey, in fatigues.


22. Young John Wayne, smoldering out here.

Claremont High School

23. Al Pacino in his youth.

Getty Images

24. John McCain, young, hot, and gesticulating wildly.

Library of Congress

25. Angela Bassett all fresh-faced and beautiful.

Mychele Daniau / AFP / Getty Images


Getty Images

P. awesome, right?


Anjelica Huston and Laurence Fishburne's names were misspelled in an earlier version of this post.