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23 Of The Best Things To Google Image Search When You're Having A Bad Day

And yup, there are a lot of corgis involved.

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1. "Cats shaved like lions."

2. "Business dogs."

3. "Nic Cage losing his shit."

4. "Pygmy jerboa."

5. "Rain frog."

6. "Giant bunnies."

"Puppies in pajamas."

7. "Corgis in costumes."

8. "Baby skunk."

9. "Corgi butt."

10. "Suspicious owl."

11. "Brian Blessed."

12. "Underwater statues."


14. "Cow hugs."

15. "Chameleon hands."

16. "Cats smiling with people teeth."

17. "Capybara."

18. "Ponies wearing shoes."

19. "Dogs sitting in chairs."

20. "Birds with arms."

21. "Mayayan Sun Bear tongue."

22. "Tiny animals yawning."

23. "Dying grandparent."

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