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Tell Us Your Worst Ever Beauty Or Makeup Mistake

Beauty is pain (sometimes).

Playing around with beauty and makeup products can be a lot of fun.

But sometimes we make mistakes. Terrible, terrible, mistakes.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

Like the girl who was curling her lashes, sneezed and accidentally RIPPED OUT HER EYELASHES.


Or the poor girl who accidentally curled her hair completely off.


Maybe it was a professional who gave you a bad haircut or contouring job.

Twentieth Century Fox

Or maybe you just walked out of the house not knowing WTF you actually looked like.

Ben Gabbe / Getty Images
Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

Whatever your beauty or makeup horror story is, we want to hear about it.

Jenna Marbles / Via

Share your story and photos in the comments and we might use it in a future post on BuzzFeed!

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