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Here's Where All Your Lost Luggage Actually Ends Up

When are we going, guys?

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Traveling can be fun, but losing your baggage? It's the living worst.


Still, lost baggage happens. Sure, most suitcases and travel bags eventually make their way back to their owners, but sometimes that's just not possible, and those bags are sent to...

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It's an actual huge-ass store in Scottsboro, AL. does it work?


Airlines are supposed to conduct a three-month search to reunite lost luggage with their owners. This works 99.5 percent of the time, but in some cases, lost luggage is never picked up. In those cases, claims are paid on the bags, and airlines sell the unclaimed property to the Unclaimed Baggage Center.

So what does Unclaimed Baggage have? Like, everything.

Instagram: @unclaimedbag

You need an iPhone? Sure.

Gucci bags? OK, sure. The store gets in around 7,000 items DAILY.

That is just so much stuff.

And it's not just clothes and shoes and phones. They've also got, you know, animal skulls.

And guitars! Lots of guitars!

What else can you find there? Judging from the store's Facebook page, BASICALLY EVERYTHING. FWIW, according to reviews of the shopping, prices are reasonable but not wildly cheap.

Still, who's down for a roadtrip?

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