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    We Tried The H&M X Kenzo Collection And Here's What You Should Buy

    Start saving your dollars now.

    Guys, we need to talk about the latest H&M designer collaboration. This time, it's with Paris-based designer label KENZO and it is SOMETHING ELSE.

    The colorful, patterned-obsessed label helmed by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim is a fave of celebs like Rosario Dawson, Chance the Rapper, Chloe Sevigny, and Lupita Nyong'o.

    Kenzo's designer pieces retail between $300 for a sweatshirt and $1,300 for coats and dresses.

    The Kenzo x H&M collab ranges in price from $12.99 for a pair of socks to $549 for a tiered maxi dress, with plenty in between.

    We got our hands on a bunch of the clothes ahead of the November 3 launch, and while we loved a lot of them, quite a few were simply ~out of our price range~.

    First things first: H&M was only able to send us clothes in sizes 4-8, even though the collection will be available in a full range of H&M sizes. And nope, we didn't get to keep any of the clothes.

    There are a ton of graphic sweatshirts in this collection, in a lot of different colorways — and they're some of the most affordable pieces in the collection.

    Michael was feeling this crewneck sweatshirt. "It wasn't as loud as the rest of the collection but the graphics still popped."

    Hoodies will run you a bit more. This zip up hoodie is $129, which is kinda steep.

    If you wanna cop a bit of the Kenzo x H&M look without blowing the bank, then accessories are probably where it's at.

    This hat/scarf combo deal is a totally unique piece and though it's probably not for errrrrybody, we thought it was cool.

    See? Cute!

    If you ARE willing to put down more cash, there are plenty of cool options. This green zebra-striped jumpsuit is technically part of the men's collection, but we thought Essence looked dope in it.

    This furry coat is ALSO from the men's collection — and a lot of this stuff is pretty unisex, TBH. It's $99, which seems pretty fair for a fall coat.

    Furry coat: $99

    Zoe's furry cropped jacket could work for fall or spring.

    Jacket: $149

    For a bit more money, you can grab this quilted and embroidered zip up dolman sleeve jacket, which is pretty sweet.

    The jacket pairs nicely with these rather pricey floral pants.

    This collection also boasts quite a few winter coats in the $300 to $400 range.

    Rich's favorite piece was this this hooded coat with printed collar. "I usually just wear a leather jacket with a hoodie underneath all winter but this year I may try something different."

    Jacket: $349

    "The outside of the jacket was a nice neutral color and the undomesticated patterns inside of the hood and collar were just enough to contain all of my hair through rain or snow."

    Rich also tried on this multi-patterned puffer jacket with front pockets, which cost as much as the winter coat but had much less potential use.

    Jacket: $349

    We don't necessarily recommend you wear these pieces all together, but separately they could really spice up a pair of jeans or a plain tee shirt.

    Oh, and how about these crazy boots?

    James' favorite look was this lil' combo. "Something about the combination of them made me feel like I was in some kind of next season couture."

    At $349, this reversible robe is DEFINITELY a splurge piece.

    Reversible robe: $349

    James loved wearing it, though. "It's perfect for feeling sexy while still being totally covered up," he said. "You don't have to show skin to be sexy and these clothes definitely helped me realize that."

    By far, the most expensive piece in the collection — and the most stunning — was this multi-tiered print dress. It was Essence's favorite.

    The collection officially launches Thursday, November 3 at 8AM at select H&M stores and online.