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18 Times Things Were So Insanely Sexy It Hurt

Somebody's getting fired.

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1. When this restaurant offered a really good deal.

2. when this Self Storage just seemed really overeager.

3. When, well, hey, here's Jizz Fashion store!

4. This BP restaurant, which should really learn about kerning.

5. When this librarian issued a very enthusiastic warning.

6. When this restaurant got so, so, sexy.

7. When this pet store asked a really critical question.

8. And this mass transit warning kept some from getting action.

9. When this shop offered up "ass jellies" for sale.

10. And when Dick's suggested you eat Dicks...for free.

11. This, uh, gum shop?

12. WOW, TMI.

13. When the grocery store offered up "extra fresh sperm"...

14. ...and also "ripe ass avocados."



15. When this barbershop just asked for what it wanted.

16. When the (S)hoe Carnival went in.

17. And finally, when this road sign warned EVERYONE of what was to come.

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