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This Teacher Has A Special Handshake With Each One Of His Students And It's So Inspiring

Teacher GOALS.

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You see, White has a SPECIAL HANDSHAKE he made up for each of his students. How cute is that?

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The idea for the handshakes came to him, he told WCNC, after watching Lebron James do it with his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates.

He started, though, with one student. "She would come see me before she went to class and sometimes she would get in trouble because she would wait to get the handshake," White told WCNC. "Once I saw how simple, but how powerful it was to her, I thought it would be so cool to have for an entire class."


We reached out to White Jr. and the Ashley Park PreK-8 School to find out if Mr. White could teach us a handshake too, but we haven't heard back yet.