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This Middle-Aged Guy Skateboarding Might Be The Best Thing You'll See All Day

A quick reminder that things aren't always what they seem.

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All right. All right. Take a look at this guy. Yes, he's wearing pleated khakis. Yes, he's wearing a button down shirt and biz loafers. He looks like a straight up DAD. BUT WAIT.


Instagram: @cas_primos

At first, it looks like he just has some p. basic skating skills.

But then he goes totally H.A.M....

Just look at this damn one-handed handstand. #GOALS.

Then when he's done pulling the sickest trick, he rides off into the sunset, NBD.

So who is the mystery skater man? According to Harris Miller who took the video, the skateboarder's name is Joe "Big Wheels" Dravis. Miller says Dravis is super popular with his crew of Baltimore, Maryland, neighborhood kids.

"He doesn't own a skateboard himself anymore," Miller told BuzzFeed. "He says he's been to busy paying for other things to buy a nice one of his own, but whenever he stops where we are hanging out, we always insist he shows us a trick on one of our boards! Me and some of the other guys who know him are trying to pool some money together to buy him a nice board."

Seems like Dravis could DEF use a board of his own! SHRED ON.


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