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This 26-Year-Old Got Paid $7,000 To Roll Elaborate Custom Joints And My Life Is A Joke

*Quits job*

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Greenhand's largest commission thus far has been for a client who asked him to make a bunch of joints that looked like weapons. He charged $7,000.

"When I first started creative rolling there was not many people out there who did it," Greenhand told BuzzFeed. "Those who did stuck to the same designs. Each new joint is challenging based on new concepts that I attempt to apply, for instance I have some joints with working parts, or removable parts. Some of my joints have incorporated fuses, oils or skewers to help guide the burn."

"Being open to new ideas creates the challenge," Greenhand told BuzzFeed of his creative joint-making. "I could make the same thing every day but that isn't what this is about for me."


“Most of my days I sit at home and I roll joints and I smoke them and it’s a good life,” Greenhand told Vocativ. “Now it seems pretty basic when I say it like that. But I guess there’s more to it.”