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A Canadian Guy Says His Island Will Accept Americans If Trump Wins

Welcome to your new home.

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Ok, ok, so the site is ~actually~ a "tongue in cheek" project from Cape Breton resident Rob Calabrese, CTV News reported. But he said he does hope people do appreciate the CB lifestyle.

"There are millions of people on this continent who, if they knew about the lifestyle here on Cape Breton, they would think, 'This is for me,'" he said.

The website redirects people to a real tourist website for the island, run by Destination Cape Breton. The group's CEO told CTV News they has received thousands of hits from Americans since Calabrese set up his website.

Calabrese, a radio host, told the National Post he has been blown away by the response to his website.

"I'm in disbelief," he said. "I wish everyone from Cape Breton could read [the messages] because they really make you proud of living here."

Vape dad.

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