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So, Scientists Say You're Supposed To Shower At Night But I'm Not Convinced


Showering: We all do it.

But we don't all do it at the same time.

Some people are morning shower people.

While others get their showering done at night.

But, like, who's RIGHT?

Well. According to researchers it's best to shower at night, bc it helps cool your body down and relax you into sleep mode.

Augelli also suggests that allowing 90 minutes gives you enough time to let your hair dry and for you to properly ~chill out~ post-shower.

Great idea. However:

I mean, most of us are out all night partying, or binge-watching our fave TV shows, or writing in our diaries about why our cats don't love us enough (just me?) and listen, we're just TOO DAMN BUSY to plan out a shower an hour and a half before bed.

Plus, if you have any itsy-bitsy bit of insomniac tendencies you run the risk of waking yourself up too much with a nighttime shower.

AND morning showers help turn you from a golem into a functioning human, so they're, you know, useful.

But that's MY hot take on why showering at night is HOT GARBAGE. I'd love to hear your thoughts.