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13 Romantic Gifts That Are Honestly So Much Better Than Roses

These plants are hard to kill, y'all.

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2. The jade plant, or money plant, has rich succulent leaves and is supposed to symbolize friendship and good luck, which hey, everybody needs, right?


Jade plants blossom small white or pink flowers and do well in full sun. You just need to water when their soil turns really dry and that's pretty much it.

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3. Help boo take care of their boo-boos with this helpful lil' aloe vera plant!

Aloe is a p. chill plant — it just requires that you allow its soil to get completely dry between waterings. That's it.

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4. Bold snake plants can be straight up neglected for weeks — something you SHOULD NOT do to your bae.

Snake plants actually thrive when you leave 'em alone. Its thick, waxy, succulent leaves make it able to go up to two weeks without watering, and you can leave them in indirect sunlight.

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5. A Bromeliad plant has a crazy beautiful exotic bloom.

Bromeliads produce side shoots that'll replace the original flower. All you need to do is make sure that they're not overwatered, and you should be good.

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7. Spider plants grow and grow and grow — just like your love. (Everybody say "awwwww".)

Spider plants grow super quickly and create what's called "pups" — each of which can grow their own new plant if planted in potting soil. Just keep 'em in indirect light and water moderately.

Get your own from Walmart for $9.99.


9. Believe it or not, orchids are actually pretty hard to kill.

They get a bad rap, but if you change out their water every few days, you can keep 'em alive for quite a while. For potted orchids, simply give them a quarter cup of water every two weeks and don't let them sit in standing water.

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