People Are Sharing The Kindest Things Strangers Have Ever Done For Them And The Stories Will Warm Your Heart

    You never know what a big difference a little kindness can make.

    With all the crud out there in the world, it's good to hear that people are still being kind to one another.

    Redditors were recently asked "what's the most amazing thing a complete stranger has ever done for you" and the answers will make you feel like this:

    There were small, kinda funny, kindnesses.

    "Somebody bought me beer when I was underage. Thanks dude!" —alpacaballs

    ...and large, life-changing ones.

    "I was in foster care as a kid, and looking back, it was very kind of those people who were strangers to me before I moved in to open their home up to me and take care of me." —VistaVille_Mac

    Some strangers actually saved lives.

    "A stranger donated the bone marrow that helped cure my leukemia. She was truly amazing, as far as I am concerned, and so can you!"

    There was the story of the lost wallet that was returned.

    "I lost my wallet, no cards, but full of cash in a parking lot in downtown Ann Arbor. Some lovey stranger found it, mailed it back to me, didn’t touch the cash, and left an anonymous handwritten note saying something like, 'This is what I’d want if I lost my wallet. Just make sure you pay it forward!' Thanks, kind stranger. I’ll never forget you." —Nugatorysurplusage

    The family that was helped by a couple of guys passing by.

    "I totaled my SUV in the middle of nowhere in Maryland at 1 a.m. I had the whole family in the vehicle when tire exploded, and I lost control and spun into the guard rail. Luckily, I was the only one injured. But two guys on a road trip stopped and helped my family out the car and waited 35 minutes for the ambulance to come. Nicest guys ever." —chris_vader17

    Stories of people who made a profound impact and maybe never knew it.

    "When I was in high school I was really upset about something that happened to me, and I was crying. An upperclassman girl I didn't really know pulled me into an empty classroom, helped me calm down, and listened to me talk. ... She didn't have to help me or give a crap about me but she did, and was nice to me up until she graduated, too. Makes me happy to know there are people like her in the world. Hope she's doing well." —pacachan

    And stories of kindnesses in surprising places.

    "I was taking the bus home from Arkansas to California, which takes about 40 hours. I was 23, and had contracted chicken pox — which is very, very, bad — and came down with symptoms during the bus ride. I had a high fever and was starting to break out, have body aches and a swollen throat.

    In Texas, we picked up a bunch of dudes who had just been released from prison. They took over the back of the bus, made a spot for me to lie down on the back seats, and gave me Tylenol and whiskey, garlic, tea, and generally took care of me all the way to Cali.

    You really never know how much of a big deal your good deed can be for someone else who's struggling.

    "Someone offered me a ride home from work as I was about to start walking in the rain. It was a really rough part of my life and it took such a small gesture to give me a bit of happiness in a bad place." — jseacat

    So why not give it a try?

    Tell us: What's the nicest thing a stranger's ever done for you? Share it in the comments!