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    You Can Finally Lick Your Cat With This Giant Silicone Tongue The Way You Always Wanted

    Because you really wanted to, didn't you?

    I know, I know — you were like, how can me and my cat be EVEN CLOSER and freak all my friends and family out? / Getty Images

    Well, thank the furry gawds for the Licki Brush, a giant faux silicone tongue brush you stick in your mouth that allows you to lick your cat like another cat might.

    The Licki is currently raising funds for production via Kickstarter. Its aim is to simulate real cat grooming.

    According to the Licki Brush folks, cats LOVE IT.

    See animated hearts for proof. Also, they say, "licking your cat with Licki is an oddly meditative practice, soothing for both you and your cat."

    And it's true, these three cats seem resigned to their respective Licki Brush fates.

    Although the one in the bottom-left corner seems a little dead in the eyes.

    But I am pretty sure that if I tried this on my cat, Bruce, I would be straight-up cat-murdered.

    Julie Gerstein

    Bruce does not suffer any damn fools. Also, she has very sharp fucking claws and teeth and a very short fuse.

    Basically, I'm not putting my face that close to Bruce's claws any time soon.

    Even Kelly Ripa is skeptical about the efficacy of the Licki Brush in real-life situations. Here's Ripa trying it on a fake animatronic cat, because she knows how sensitive real cats are about this shit.

    View this video on YouTube

    But if you really must, learn more about the Licki Brush here.

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