Let This Friggin' Cat In The Friggin' Library Already

    Can't we have this one thing?

    This is Max. Isn't he handsome?

    Max does cat things like steal the covers...

    ...and strreeeeeeetccccccchhhhh himself out.

    And, apparently, he's been known to break into the Macalester College library in St. Paul, Minnesota, once or twice, nbd.

    I guess neither the library nor Max's owner were thrilled about his escapades, and a sign was put up.

    When word got around about the Max ban, FOM (friends of Max) took to social media to share their support in the form of faux library cards...

    Did Max care? He appears nonplussed.

    But still, we say, give this cat a friggin' library card, OK?

    This guy deserves to shed all over books, too.