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    This Picture Of Kylie Jenner Shows You She's Not Like The Rest Of Us

    Kylie is Kween.

    This is a picture of Kylie Jenner leaving a business meeting in LA on Wednesday.

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    I repeat: This is Kylie Jenner, coming from a BUSINESS MEETING. SHE IS FLAWlESS.

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    Like, for comparison, here's you giving a talk about the fourth-quarter returns to your business associates at a work meeting.

    Julief514 / Getty Images

    And here's Kylie, doing business like a boss-ass bitch.

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    Here's you sharing a lighthearted Dilbert comic with your co-workers in your office conference room.

    Brauns / Getty Images

    And here's Kylie, who can't even be bothered to carry a laptop bag or some friggin' folders.

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    Here's you subtly flirting with your co-worker before a big PowerPoint presentation.

    Johnkellerman / Getty Images

    And here's Kylie, who gives no fucks about PowerPoint.

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    Your blazer:

    Breigouze / Getty Images

    Kylie...doesn't need a damn blazer.

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    Your biz shoes.

    Rpm123 / Getty Images

    Kylie's biz shoes.

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    In conclusion, we would like to go into business with you, KJ.

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