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17 Pictures That Are Definitely You As A Girlfriend

Always bae-watchin'.

1. When you need to have a serious conversation:

2. When you cook bae dinner:

3. When you can't control the hanger:

4. When you're a stickler for grammar:

5. When you're just hAviNg A mOmEnt:

6. When you're feeling a little ~clueless~:

7. When you have the same hobbies as your man:

8. And the same snacking habits, too:

9. When you just like to plan ahead for the Grams.

10. When you get a little ~possessive~:

11. When you have really serious emergencies:

12. When you're feeling attention-starved:

13. When you have different priorities than other girls:

14. And they're basically all about food:

15. Really:

16. When you fight with bae:

17. And when he tries to break it off with you: