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How To Be A Pastel Goth

Because you're black on the inside, but baby blue on the outside.

By now you probably know what GOTH looks like. You know, something like THIS:

Or this:

Or this.

But maybe black's not FULLY YOUR COLOR.

Maybe you're slightly allergic to white face paint.

Or you find the whole aesthetic just a little too ~EXTREME~.

Maybe PASTEL GOTH Is more your scene.

Otherwise known as nu goth or like, goth lite.

Pastel goth is all about mixing the pretty with the pretty tough.

Soft shades + dark makeup = perfection.

So how do you do it?

Your makeup should be dark. But there's no reason the case can't be covered in unicorns.

But you can pair black liner and lipstick with a bunch of pastel shadows.

And the more you look like a manga character, the better.

Throw on a pair of these ombré tights under a black babydoll dress.

Dye your hair any number of gorgeous shades. Like this:

And this.

Or this.

And focus on the marriage of creepy and cute. Like the juxtaposition of this pretty pastel hair with this gruesome skeleton hair clip.

Everything soft and delicate should have a sharp, sort of dangerous edge.

That should even extend to your nail art.

You can go for goth-propriate creepers, but choose ones with a bit of sheen.

Mix up your dark, moody blacks with religious iconography.

And don't be afraid to DIY.

Pastel goth is girly yet kick ass. Like if Lisa Frank puked on a pair of combat boots.

Feel free to indulge in jewelry, as long as it hovers on the cute-creepy threshold.

Like this:

Or this.

Your wound care should match your sunny yet dark disposition.

And even your ice cream should embrace the dark side.

Goth on.