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Posted on Sep 17, 2016

Are You A Messy Bitch Who LIVES For Drama?

What would Joanne do?

  1. You see a heated political convo starting on your friend's Facebook wall. Do you:

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  2. You see a couple of work colleagues talking quietly in the corner. Do you:

  3. You're out at a bar and someone next to you jostles your hand and your drink spills down the front of your shirt. Do you:

  4. When you meet a new person you're interested in dating, you:

    Twitter: @joanneprada
  5. You see your most vile ex out at a restaurant and it looks like they're with SOMEONE NEW. Do you:

  6. You find out your best friend's significant other has been cheating on them. Do you:

  7. Your SO goes to the bathroom and leaves their phone behind, unlocked. Do you:

    Twitter: @TreMelvin
  8. Your cousin, who's been lying to her partner about the paternity of their child for years, tries to call you out about a lie in public. Do you: