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Hey Guys, Don't Microwave Your Pee In A 7-Eleven

Really. Please.

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Peeing: We all do it.


But most of us don't take our pee, put it in a glass jar, and warm it up in the microwave of a 7-Eleven.


I mean, I'm assuming.

And yet! That's exactly what happened at a 7-Eleven in Beaverton, Oregon, on Tuesday — which required the store to be evacuated.


The urine sample was wrapped in a hand warmer, and police think that whoever left the damn pee in the 'wave simply wanted to get it up to body temperature to pass a drug test.

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"Somebody obviously had to take a drug test," Beaverton Public Information Officer Mike Rowe told BuzzFeed. "They had someone else pee, and they stuck it in the microwave."

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The magnesium in the hand warmer caused a ~violent~ reaction from the microwave, which alarmed employees. They called the police, and the bomb squad was brought in to investigate.

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Basically, "the hand warmer and the microwave did not like each other," said Rowe.

"Whoever had to take their urinalysis that day either didn't show up or didn't pass," he added.

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So there you go.

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