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Here's What $1,000 A Month In Rent Will Get You In All 50 States

Damn, I'm moving.

Finding an apartment you love can be HARD — especially on a budget. So we took to Craigslist to see just how far $1,000 would go in all 50 states. The stipulation: The apartments couldn't be shares, and they had to be in or reasonably close to the cities listed below. So how'd we do? The results may just surprise you...

1. Birmingham, AL — $1,000

Size: Two-bedroom, 1,350 sq. ft. apartment.

Neighborhood: Homewood

Amenities: This apartment is located in a complex that contains a pool, tennis courts, and a private fitness center. Also, the house has air conditioning, which is good because it's Alabama, people.

2. Anchorage, AK — $1,085

Size: One bedroom, 425 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Downtown Anchorage

Amenties: This apartment has in-floor heating, which is pretty necessary considering you'd be living in Alaska.

3. Tucson, AZ — $1,000

Size: One bedroom, 1,000 sq. ft. apartment

Location: Broadway and Houghton

Amenities: Comes fully furnished and is located on four acres of land with panoramic views of the Catalinas and Rincon mountains.

4. Little Rock, AR — $895

Size: Three bedrooms, one bathroom, 1,800 sq. ft. house

Neighborhood: Downtown Little Rock

Amenities: Eat-in kitchen, laundry room, and a security system. Plus it's quaint AF.

5. San Diego, CA — $900

Size: One bedroom, 450 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Spring Valley

Amenities: Newly renovated AND a parking space is included. HALLELUJAH!

6. Denver, CO — $915

Size: One bedroom, 575 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Aurora

Amenities: Pool and playground in the complex, along with on-site laundry.

7. Hartford, CT — $950

Size: One bedroom, 750 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: West Hartford

Amenities: Heat and hot water are included, plus the bathroom and kitchen are newly renovated.

8. Wilmington, DE — $1,075

Size: One-bedroom, two-story apartment, 900 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Trolly Square/Brandywine

Amenities: The apartment contains original hardwood floors and moldings AND you can use the house's stellar front porch swing.

9. Washington, DC — $1,076

Size: One bedroom, 652 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Forestville

Amenities: Central air and heat, a community courtyard, and a gourmet kitchen.

10. Jacksonville, FL — $795

Size: Three bedrooms

Neighborhood: Lackawanna

Amenities: This charming lil' bungalow has hardwood floors and tons of original details and built-ins.

11. Atlanta, GA — $900

Size: Three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, 1,994 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Southeast Atlanta

Amenities: Fully renovated with stainless steel appliances and crown molding. The house ALSO has a bonus room bc you weren't impressed enough.

12. Wa'a Wa', HI — $900

Size: One bedroom, one bath, 600 sq. ft.

Location: Puna

Amenities: Off-the-grid location on 3.5 acres of land replete with an orchard, gardens, and even chickens. EVEN CHICKENS. There's also Wi-Fi and satellite TV if you get lonely.

13. Boise, Idaho — $1,100

Size: Two bedrooms, 980 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Meridian

Amenities: Brand new build with vaulted ceilings, in-apartment washer and dryers, and stainless steel appliances. Plus! The apartment complex has a pool and fitness center, covered parking, and a playground. When can we move in?

14. Chicago, IL — $700

Size: One bedroom, one bath

Neighborhood: Rogers Park

Amenities: Light-filled rooms, a deck off the back, and right on one the city's major transportation lines.

15. Bloomington, IN — $1,050

Size: Three-bedroom house, 1,000 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: North Bloomington

Amenities: Brand new stainless steel appliances, a large, fenced-in backyard, a covered patio, and off-street parking.

16. Des Moines, IA — $995

Size: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,014 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Near Ewing Park

Amenities: Washer and dryer in unit, air-conditioning, and dishwasher.

17. Wichita, KS — $900

Size: Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,487 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Newton

Amenities: Recently renovated, this house has a HUGE backyard, washer and dryer, and off-street parking.

18. Louisville, KY — $949

Size: Two bedrooms, 1,288 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: New Albany

Amenities: The house includes a detached one-car garage with a space above it that you can use as a yoga studio or office or whatever. Plus it has a newly renovated bathroom and updated kitchen, and tons of newly restored woodwork throughout the house.

19. New Orleans, LA — $1,100

Size: Two bedrooms, one bathroom

Neighborhood: Uptown

Amenities: Newly renovated and with central air, within walking distance of tons of great local attractions. Also, did you notice those French doors?

20. Portland, ME — $1,000

Size: Two bedrooms, one bathroom

Neighborhood: South Portland

Amenities: Tons of sun and hardwood floors throughout. This apartment also has off-street parking to sweeten the deal.

21. Baltimore, MD — $925

Size: Two bedrooms, 738 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: West Baltimore

Amenities: Laundry room in the building and off-street parking. Do you like ceiling fans? Because this place has got 'em, too.

22. Boston, MA — $1,000

Size: One bedroom, 1,050 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: ACTUALLY it's in Lowell.

Amenities: So it's damn near impossible to find a place in Boston proper for under $1,000 that's not a share. Godspeed to anyone trying.

23. Detroit, MI — $795

Size: Two bedrooms plus an office

Neighborhood: Grosse Pointe Park

Amenities: The unit includes all appliances and has both a front and back porch.

24. Minneapolis, MN — $1,095

Size: One bedroom plus office, 850 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Lake Calhoun

Amenities: All original vintage woodwork and hardwood floors, free membership to fitness center, and laundry in the building. Plus, a storage unit is included in the rent.

25. Hattiesburg, MS — $1,000

Size: Three-bedroom house, 1,300 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Near the University of Southern Mississippi

Amenities: This house has 9-foot ceilings and includes an eat-in kitchen and special features like French doors and ceiling fans. There's also a one-car garage.

26. Springfield, MO — $950

Size: One bedroom, 840 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Downtown Springfield

Amenities: Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, plus a shared roof deck and complimentary internet.

27. Billings, MT — $1,045

Size: Two bedrooms, 952 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: West End

Amenities: This recently remodeled apartment included all-new fixtures. It has its own in-unit washer and dryer and dishwasher, and the apartment complex has its own fitness center.

28. Lincoln, NE — $880

Size: One bedroom, 815 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Downtown Lincoln

Amenities: A pool and clubhouse, a cyber café (lol), and outdoor grilling stations. Each apartment has its own washer and dryer and comes complete with walk-in closets, wood flooring, and air conditioning.

29. Las Vegas, NV — $865

Size: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,065 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Spring Valley

Amenities: Walk-in closet, private balcony, and extra storage.

30. Nashua, NH — $1,050

Size: One bedroom, one bathroom

Neighborhood: North Nashua

Amenities: In a charming Victorian house, this apartment has wide pine floors and a walk-in closet. There's also a garden area in the yard and a washer and dryer in the common building area for tenant use.

31. Jersey City, NJ — $750

Size: One bedroom

Neighborhood: Downtown Jersey City

Amenities: Yo, this place comes fully furnished! Also it has heated floors and a private patio. YESSSS.

32. Albuquerque, NM — $899

Size: One bedroom, 829 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Cottonwood

Amenities: Enjoy 9-foot ceilings, French doors, and energy-efficient lighting.

33. New York, NY — $1,100

Size: One bedroom

Neighborhood: Pelham Bay, the Bronx

Amenities: Well, you TECHNICALLY live in NYC, so there's that. Plus, there's hardwood floors. Honestly it's pretty impossible to find an apartment in New York for less than a zillion dollars, let's be real.

34. Asheville, NC — $1,100

Size: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,500 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Candler

Amenities: This newly remodeled home boasts a patio and a fireplace.

35. Grand Forks, ND — $1,095

Size: Four bedrooms, one and a half baths

Neighborhood: Near University of North Dakota

Amenities: Laundry onsite and a detached garage, plus a backyard with a fire pit.

36. Columbus, OH — $1,040

Size: Two bedrooms, 937 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Northern Columbus

Amenities: There's a washer and dryer in the unit and off-street parking, too. Plus, each townhome has an attached garage and the complex has its own swimming pool.

37. Tulsa, OK — $1,100

Size: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,500 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: LaFortune County Park

Amenities: This spacious apartment has basically everything you'd ever want, including a wet bar in the living room, laundry in the unit, a carport, and a pool in the complex.

38. Portland, OR — $1,100

Size: Studio, 380 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Southeast Portland

Amenities: Laundry in building, plus a fitness center, and bike storage available.

39. Philadelphia, PA — $1,045

Size: One bedroom

Neighborhood: Center City

Amenities: Located in a renovated hotel, this apartment has huge windows and a doorman-controlled lobby.

40. Providence, RI — $1,000

Size: Two bedrooms, 1,000 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Amenities: The building boasts a laundry room and storage, and rent includes off-street parking.

41. Charleston, SC — $1,100

Size: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,300 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: North Charleston

Amenities: It's a whole damn house all to yourself.

42. Sioux Falls, SD — $1,100

Size: Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,156 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Western Sioux Falls

Amenities: This recently rehabbed house includes a covered porch and hardwood floors along with central air and a two-car garage.

43. Nashville, TN — $1,069

Size: One bedroom, 750 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: West Nashville

Amenities: Hardwood floors, close to downtown.

44. Austin, TX — $1,099

Size: One bedroom, 700 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: North Central Austin

Amenities: Laundry on-site and centrally located to shopping and restaurants.

45. Salt Lake City, UT — $1,025

Size: One bedroom, 800 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Amenities: Recently renovated, this lil' bungalow has a bonus room that can be used as an office.

46. Burlington, VT — $1,100

Size: Two bedrooms, one bathroom

Neighborhood: Old North End

Amenities: Washer and dryer in basement, hardwood floors, and extra basement storage. Plus, pretty blue kitchen cabinets!

47. Richmond, VA — $1,099

Size: Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 823, sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Amenities: Exposed brick, bike storage racks, a fitness center, and ~designer lighting~.

48. Seattle, WA — $1,095

Size: Studio, 403 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Amenities: So this studio's on the small side, but hey, at least there's laundry on-site.

49. Morgantown, WV — $625

Size: Four bedrooms, 1,350 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Near West Virginia University

Amenities: Sadly, the tapestries don't come with the house, but it does have a two-car garage and laundry in the unit.

50. Madison, WI — $1,050

Size: One bedroom, 650 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Atwood

Amenitites: Does a crazy shingled kitchen ceiling count? The apartment also has access to a HUGE backyard, so that's pretty cool.

51. Cheyenne, WY — $895

Size: Two bedrooms, 900 sq. ft.

Neighborhood: Downtown Cheyenne

Amenities: Marble countertops, a clawfoot tub, a washer and dryer in the unit, plus a huge fenced-in yard.