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    These Are The Most Difficult Words To Spell For Every State In The Country, And Oh Man

    We're in spelling hell.


    Except! Maybe we're not so good at spelling.

    Google just released a list of the words that people search along with the phrase "how to spell" in each state, and boy. Wow. We. Got. Some. Problems.

    For example, not picking on anyone, but Hawaii? "PEOPLE"? REALLY?

    And Rhode Island had a lot of trouble with "liar."

    Some of the most popular difficult words? "Beautiful," which people in California, Minnesota, Ohio, and Kentucky had trouble spelling.

    And "pneumonia," which was a hard go for people in Washington, Alabama, and Maine.

    And also Michigan. ALSO MICHIGAN.

    But hey, no matter where you're from, don't be ashamed about googling those damn words. Even GOOGLE itself fucks things up sometimes. They managed to spell "ninety" wrong on the first version of the map they sent out.