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    15 Feelings That Are Way Too Relatable For Anybody Who Grew Up Emo

    *wears three different shades of black* *dies a little inside*

    1. Too real.

    2. Finding your favorite black item in your pile of black items.

    Charlotte Gomez/BuzzFeed

    3. Your parents don't even get you.

    4. Your hair conspires against you.

    5. You have a lot of ~feelings~.

    @gabbyclare / Via

    6. A LOT of feelings.

    @living_deadgirl77 / Via

    7. You have different aesthetic ideals.

    @evil_lisner / Via

    8. And sometimes they can be problematic.

    http://@weird._.pineapple / Via

    9. *Ahem.*

    @fayely7 / Via

    10. But at least SOME things in your life are easy.

    @brendon_lutton / Via

    11. Likewise, dating has its challenges.

    @emofae / Via

    12. People think they get you, but they don't get you.

    @truthyoucanterase / Via

    13. Fitting in can be hard — if that's what you're into.

    @xxkodiakarrestxx / Via

    14. But then other times it feels like everybody is co-opting your style.

    @2litj / Via

    15. Either way, it feels good to have friends you can make this joke to:

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