Do You Know How To Be Attractive, According To This ’60s Magazine?

Important stuff, you guys.

1. This is the 1967 Seventeen Book of Fashion and Beauty. It’s a guide for teen girls and all things they should aspire to be, or something.

Seventeen Magazine

It offers a lot of advice to girls on how to be as attractive as possible. Can you follow it?

  1. What's the proper way for a lady to sit?
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    1. With your legs straight together in front of you.
    2. With your legs curled underneath of you to the side.
    3. With your legs crossed at the knee.
    4. With your legs crossed at the ankle.
  2. You're invited to a friend's house for dinner. What's the optimal amount of food to eat?
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    1. Eat as much as your friend is eating.
    2. Eat whatever is offered you, which includes taking seconds if offered.
    3. Take a bit of everything offered but make sure it’s the smallest portion possible.
    4. Go hog wild and take the biggest plate possible to show your appreciation for the meal.
  3. What's one of the biggest mistakes teen girls make when it comes to attractiveness?
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    1. Not taking care of their arms.
    2. Stooping their shoulders.
    3. Not always clasping their hands together.
    4. Not paying attention to their speech habits.
  4. What type of purse should a girl take on a date?
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    1. A tote bag.
    2. A dainty pocketbook.
    3. A reasonably sized handbag that could easily fit a book.
    4. You shouldn’t bring a bag — only a slim wallet.
  5. What color shoe should women never ever wear?
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    1. Red.
    2. Blue.
    3. White.
    4. Yellow.
  6. What would be inappropriate to wear on a shopping trip in New York?
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    1. A mini skirt.
    2. A pair of slacks.
    3. A pair of shorts.
    4. A pair of denim jeans.
  7. What's the proper, ladylike way to get in and out of a car?
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    1. Enter head first, with your body following.
    2. Slide in sideways for optimal lady-like looks.
    3. Back into the car and then daintily swing your legs in.
  8. Is it more important to have a smokin' hot bod or a pretty face?
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    1. A hot bod.
    2. A pretty face.
  9. What should you eat every day to keep a good figure?
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    1. 3 glasses of milk.
    2. 1 egg.
    3. 3 small pats of butter.
    4. 3 slices of bread.
    5. All of the above.
    6. None of the above.

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