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    Posted on Jan 29, 2018

    This Valentine's Day, Name A Cockroach After Your Lover

    "Darling, this is Chad, your own personal cockroach.

    Yeah, OK, you could get your boo roses and chocolates for Valentine's Day, but that's kind of a snooze.


    Why not, instead, go for a special gift they'll never forget. Like cockroaches?


    Specifically, why not gift your lover with a cockroach from the Bronx Zoo that you've specially chosen and named after them?


    For $15, you can name a roach after your boo, and receive a certificate of authentication.

    Don't all click at once.

    But if you're willing to spend a bit more — $75 — you can get the certificate, roach socks, a roach pin, and (gulp) roach-shaped chocolates.

    All funds from the sales of roach names and gift sets benefit the zoo's Wildlife Conservation Society, a non-profit dedicated to helping preserve wildlife and their habitats.

    So what are ya waiting for?

    Flowers are so overrated, anyway!


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