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    A Teen Woke Up To A Bear "Crunching" On His Head And Forget Camping Ever Again

    There was a "crunch" sound. A CRUNCH SOUND.

    This is Dylan. He's a 19-year-old camp counselor at Glacier View Ranch, a Christian summer camp located in Ward, Colorado. On Sunday morning, he was the victim of a pretty wild bear attack.

    Dylan, who's trained in wilderness preparedness, told reporters that he "woke up to a crunching sound and a lot of pain." That was HIS HEAD IN THE MOUTH OF A HUGE BLACK BEAR.

    "The bear had a hold of my head and was dragging me across the ground," he said. The bear apparently dragged Dylan around 12 feet before he was able to break free.

    Dylan eventually escaped by poking the bear in the eye, but the bear then grabbed Dylan by the head and sunk his teeth in.

    Dylan ended up with nine staples in the back of his head. "I feel really lucky I was laying perfect for it to grab the back of my head and not my face or my eyes," he said.

    Dylan, says the attack hasn't deterred him from future wilderness excursions.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Glacier View Ranch for comment.