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A High School Rallied As A Student With Special Needs Scored A Game-Winning Basketball Shot

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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Last Friday, the Norman High girl's basketball team was playing against their rival Norman North when attendees got to witness something special. In the final moments of the game, play stopped and Lainy scored the final two points of the game.

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Lainy's involvement on the team was spurred on by Norman High School senior Brennan Hockett, who piloted a program called Tiger Teammates, offering kids with special needs the opportunity to take part in school sports.

Courtesy Brennan Hockett

Brennan got the idea for the club because of her family's involvement with the Special Olympic's program. "Lainy has a great personality and great sense of humor," Hockett told BuzzFeed. "I think people need to realize people with special needs can do everything we can do — it just may take them longer or take more explanation."

Lainy's mom Mona Fredrickson says last Friday's game "melted her heart."

Courtesy Brennan Hockett

"A lot of times the kids in high school get a bad rap, but the love was overflowing. They were all pulling for her to make that basket," Fredrickson told BuzzFeed. "To see the reaction from the crowd and the rival team — they were cheering her on. It was awesome."