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A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Celebrity Jorts


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18. Chris Brown

Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Evaluative notes: Brown boldly pairs his jorts with business socks and BET awards. He also proudly displays his love of Absolutely Fabulous and Dr. Who with jorts tagged "BBC." But he's still a douche, so.

16. Madonna

Ron Galella/Wireimage

Evaluative notes: Good use of contrasting denim on denim. Surprising pairing of black belt with jorts — a move that's definitely not for amateurs.


12. Pharrell

Evaluative notes: Of course Pharrell is good at jorts.


7. Danny McBride

Evaluative notes: Though they're a bit on the long side for some, these jorts represent an earnest yearning for freedom that can't be denied. The only jorts for Kenny Powers.

6. Zachary Quinto

Omar Acevedo/BuzzFoto / FilmMagic

Evaluative notes: Well worn and broken in, these jorts express a vibrant joie de vivre and dedication to the jorts lifestyle.


1. Paul Rudd

Evaluative notes: Rudd is a gifted jorts-wearer. He is the Sheryl Sandberg of jorts — he really leans into wearing them. Cocksure and bold, Rudd stretches and preens in his jorts like a prize-winning turkey. Well done.

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