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26 Super-Sexy Pairs Of Men's Underwear

Don't get any ideas.

1. The Stud



2. The Bi-Partisan

So sexy!

3. The Animal$xlarge$

Way too sexy!

4. The Tuggie

"As Seen On TV: The fuzzy sock that warms your cock." (We're pretty sure we've never seen this on TV.)

5. The Groucho

Yup, that's Groucho Marx for you.

6. The Trouser Snake

Trouser snake underwear! Very sexy.*

*Not actually sexy to anyone who is not Glenn Quagmire.

7. The Toucan

Toucan Sam undies, for Fruit Loops fetishists.

8. The Devil Dog


Are those...googly eyes?

9. The Big Man


Where's the beef? Here's the beef.

10. The Sexy Sheer Look

Sheer boxers, for penis show-and-tell.

11. The Pelican


Or maybe you just like birds?

12. The Sensitive Butterfly

Fine, maybe penis butterflies are more your jam.

13. The Denim Masterpiece

For your boyfriend, the nevernude.

14. The Cow Jester


Again with the googly eyes!

15. The Mouse Surprise

Women love it when small rodents come out of your underpants. Also, underwear belts.

16. The Twee Elephant

Twee handmade sexy! Thanks Etsy!

17. The Frighteningly Sharp

For sex jousting (GET IT?).

18. The Hairy Monkey


Touch the monkey. Touch it!

19. The Hipster Mister

In case you forgot for a minute that you were dating a guy from Brooklyn.

20. The Hairy Ball

Made from "fancy yarn."

21. The Denim Design

A wee penis corset!

22. The Furry Friend

Mohair manties, anyone?

23. The Fudgy The Whale

Truth in advertising is very sexy.

24. The Rooster

For the guy who doesn't want you to get the wrong idea.

25. The Littlest Package


Aw look! A present!

26. The Total Worst

Seriously, guys, what is with the googly eyes?