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    Posted on Jan 11, 2018

    23 Times The Internet Proved How Good The World Actually Is

    Hey internet, give yourself a pat on the back!

    1. When a dog owner figured out the very best use for a floppy bow.

    2. When this man ended his long-standing feud with water pancakes — er, stingrays.

    Over a year ago, I threatened you out of anger over the death of a lost one. A death that you were not responsible…

    3. And this guy made friends with his bearded dragon.

    Cant believe this happened to me lmao

    4. When these penguins felt bad for their clumsy friend.

    The sound of a penguin falling, its sympathetic crew responding, and its gruff dismissal of pity is so far the audi…

    5. When the internet rallied to help the "Success Kid" raise money for a kidney transplant for his father.

    Thanks to generous support from strangers, Justin Griner, the father of "Success Kid" Sammy Griner, was able to raise $100,000 to help pay for expenses surrounding his kidney transplant.

    6. And when the internet raised $300k for a paleta cart owner whose cart was taken away.

    I ❤️'d living in La Villita. #goodpeople #goodfood Fidencio Sanchez embodies the #workethic of Mexicans in Chi. ”

    7. When this guy shoveled out an entire running track for his greyhound pup in his backyard.

    Desperate times. Had to shovel a formula 1 track through the back yard for the greyhounds.

    8. And this good doggo that figured out sledding all by himself.

    This is the best thing you'll see all day. 😍🐕 This Dog figures out how to carry his sled up the hill in order to sl…

    9. When this guy managed to donate more than $8,000 to charity by having people guess what his little brother was drawing in Pictionary.

    Ok also if you donate $2 or more to charity and send me a screenshot I will DM you what he was trying to draw.

    Pssst, the answer was "pendulum." I can kinda see it.

    10. And when this woman managed to raise more than $21,000 for Hurricane Harvey victims — by sharing photos of her cats!

    actually I have a better idea: @ me with proof of donating to a charity for south Texas and I will dm you a photo of Jerry behaving badly

    11. After a man was body-shamed while dancing, a group of folks on Twitter got together to give him the dance party of a lifetime.

    YAY TWITTER!!! @Dancingmanfound #FindDancingMan ❤️❤️❤️ We are going to dance!!!

    12. This doggo, that's experiencing the joy that is Target for the very first time.


    13. This person, who blessed the world with an adorable bespectacled hiker pug.

    I've drawn a lot of scary monsters and angry people the last few days so I wanted to draw the least scary least ang…

    14. When Barry Manilow made a ~big~ promise.

    I know. I’ll run for president. I’ll make some romantic music. Everybody will get laid. And everybody will be happy again. 😀

    15. And this man proved — definitively — that water was not actually wet.

    Here is the ultimate proof that water is NOT wet. @BillNye, back me up fam.

    16. When a woman's beekeeping group offered perhaps the best advice in the world.

    Twitter: @madeline_gobbo

    "Let him go but get more bees" applies to so many things, honestly.

    17. When these two Words With Friends aficionados became IRL friends, despite their 58-year age difference.

    so last summer i randomly met this 80 y/o woman on words with friends. we played 300+ games together and she actual…

    18. When a guy shared his grandma's love of her fidget spinner with the entire universe and made us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    my grandma got a fidget spinner for her 85th birthday and look how happy she is 😭❤️

    19. When a woman harnessed the internet to help her find a much-loved toy for her brother with disabilities.

    After posting that she was looking for a specific discontinued Tonka truck on Reddit, users came to her rescue and offered up their toys to her.

    20. When KFC rewarded the guy who cracked its Twitter code...

    .@KFC follows 11 people. Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. 11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.

    ...with the most amazing painting ever.

    21. And when the internet helped a teenager literally save her parent's bakery from going out of business.


    22. When folks pitched in to send thousands of birthday cards to a man with autism who had difficulty making friends.

    23. And finally, when a call was put out on Facebook for 50 "volunteer dads" and nearly 600 men showed up.

    Hey internet, you're not too bad!


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