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21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Describe The Agony Of Having A Crush

*Makes eye contact with crush. Dies a little inside.*

1. Crushes. MAN. They can make you craaaaaazy.

2. And make you do crazy things.

3. And you're willing to go to extreme lengths to impress them.

4. Sometimes you find yourself obsessing over whether they like you so much that you're NOT EVEN SURE YOU LIKE THEM?

5. In fact, having a crush can make you question every little decision you make.

6. And make you MOODY AF.

7. Your friends don't always relate to your crush-crazy self.

8. So sometimes you straight up lie about the depth of your feelings.

9. You can develop a crush based on practically nothing, and be convinced your love is real.

10. And oh yeah, your brain can send you in circles when it comes to your feelings for someone.

11. You like them so much that you're actually, well, ANNOYED by it.

12. It's like you can't control your impulses around them.

13. You create an entire relationship with them in your head.

14. Even with people you've never met.

15. It makes you feel/say/do irrational things.

16. And sometimes it feels like you have NO CONTROL over your damn feelings.

17. Like, at all.

18. It can make you feel like this:

19. And make you come up with all sorts of reasons for your dilemma.

20. You want to crawl in a hole bc you're afraid they'll never be yours.

21. But! Then you remember: