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18 Of The Most WTF Photoshop Fails Of 2015

Step away from the blur tool, people.

1. When Jeb Bush suffered from Extreme Tan Hand.

2. When Nicole Scherzinger enjoyed a Ghost Püd.

3. When this Brazilian Playboy model's entire body lost definition.

4. When Gigi Hadid's Guess ad revealed her large phantom flipper foot.

5. When this woman's head was terribly 'shopped onto a couple different pretty dresses.

6. This poor underwear model, whose thigh gap reached terrifying new heights.

7. And this woman's butt cheeks, which seem to be running away from each other.

8. This Banana Republic model who had a v. curious thigh gap.

9. When Zendaya called out Modeliste magazine for slimming her down in a ridiculous manner.

10. This Victoria's Secret model, whose butt might be broken.

11. The model on the right, whose arm unfortunately bends into her waist.

12. When Kim Kardashian got KAUGHT photoshopping her naked pics on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

13. This woman, whose nipples seem to have simply disappeared into the ether.

14. When Ariana Grande developed a strange alien hand.

15. And whatever happened to Chris Evans' hand here.

16. This model, who's suffering from exorcist foot.

17. When David Cameron got caught photoshopping a poppy onto a 2013 photo of himself.

18. And finally, this Macy's model, whose ass is floating in air.

So you've been warned! Tread lightly upon ye olde Photoshop tools!

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