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    17 Photos Might Help You Feel A Little Better About The World Today


    1. This is construction worker Jason Haney, of South Bend, Indiana, who hides a life-size Where's Waldo figure on his construction site every day to cheer up the kids who are staying at the Memorial Children’s Hospital. The kids can search for Waldo from out the windows of their hospital rooms.

    2. In order to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling across Europe, Kevan Chandler, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, was carried in a backpack by his three friends. You can follow their journey on Kevan's Instagram.

    3. For the past 10 years, Luis Soriano has run the Biblioburro program, a traveling library — literally on the back of a burro — that brings books to kids in remote villages on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

    4. This is Florida police officer Marcus Montgomery, and his pup Kylo. He met Kylo when he was making a routine call to a local animal shelter and couldn't resist adopting him.

    5. A family of Iraqi refugees was reunited with their beloved cat Kunkush after being separated during their journey to Greece. Thanks to the work of volunteers, Kunkush made it safely to his family in Germany. The cat and family journeyed over 4,000 miles.

    6. There were so many moments of exemplary sportsmanship during the Olympics, but this photo of US runner Abbey D'Agostino being helped up by Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand after the pair collided during the 5000 meter race is pretty spectacular.

    7. This penguin, who was fitted with a tiny little protective wet suit after he lost a bunch of feathers.

    8. And this goat, who, along with his goat brothers, received a hand-knitted sweater to keep warm during the cold winter at Sunflower Farm in Maine.

    9. In Philadelphia, Rosa's Fresh Pizza owner Mason Wartman created a program where people can pay a slice forward by leaving a Post-It on the wall for a person in need. Anyone who's hungry can simply come in, pull a note off the wall and get a free slice, no questions asked.

    10. This is Rob Scheinberg and Danielle Eden, owners of Dog Tales shelter in Canada. Earlier this year, Danielle was upset by the conditions at a shelter she visited in Israel, so she bought the entire shelter and began transporting the dogs to Dog Tales.

    11. And this is 12-year-old Campbell Remess, who created the non-profit Project 365, which sews teddy bears for sick children. So far, he's made more than 400.

    12. Meet best friends Dylan Siegel, left, and Jonah Pournazarian. Jonah has a rare liver disease and to support his friend, Dylan wrote a book about him, and has helped raise more than a million dollars to find a cure for Jonah's condition.

    13. Last May, hundreds of people participated in a reforestation effort that resulted in more than 600,000 plants being planted across 5,000 acres of land. The action was the largest reforestation action in history, and landed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    14. This is Hailey Fort, the 10-year-old founder of Hailey's Harvest, a nonprofit that grows food and builds shelters for the homeless in Bremerton, WA, because "everyone should have a place to live."

    15. And this is Thomas Moore, an 8-year-old who grew his hair out in order to donate it all to make wigs for cancer patients. Thomas had enough hair on his head to make THREE wigs!

    16. Check out this special relationship between this Tauranga, New Zealand, mail carrier, and one of the dogs he visits every day along his mail route.

    You can see the whole sweet video here:

    Facebook: video.php

    17. And these photos of Lilo the husky and Rosie, the cat she rescued. Rosie's been raised with her pack of husky friends and now thinks that she's a dog, too!

    They prove anybody can get along.