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This Is Why Resting Bitch Face Is Totally Awesome

RBF for lyfe.

You'll get plenty of space on the bus.

One of the benefits of being an Asian male: the resting bitch face game is strong and no one wants to sit next to you on the bus. #boltbus

Or the train.

The benefits of my unintentional resting bitch face include: no one ever trying to sit in the vacant seat next to me on the train

Or the lecture hall.

Benefits of having a resting bitch face: never having to worry about someone sitting next to you in lecture because they assume you're mad.

You get all the best equipment at the gym.

One benefit of constant resting bitch face is that people don't bother you at the gym.

No one's ever gonna try and sell you ANYTHING.

Benefit of resting bitch face : those annoying ppl at the mall that try and sell random shit, do not even attempt to talk to me 😏

Or try and make you join their club.

Number 1 benefit of having resting bitch face: no one approaches me with pamphlets on the quad

It could ~actually~ artificially inflate your grades.

the best part about having a resting bitch face is that teachers get intimidated and raise my marks lmao

People are literally in awe of it.

Boy on the train is 100% trying to take a sly snapchat of me so I'm giving my best resting bitch face to all his fans x x

No smiling = NOT AGING A DAY.

The benefits of suffering from resting bitch face... #restingbitchface #RBF

Which means:

The benefits of having a resting bitch face, you don't need Botox until later in life. #LookOnTheBrightSide

It keeps tweens away.

My resting bitch face just scared away middle schoolers from sitting by me at Starbucks 😂 at least it has one benefit lol

No gross strangers'll bother you.

The benefits of resting bitch face are rarely recognized. Why look friendly and approachable? That encourages people to talk to you.

And it generally keeps everyone on their toes.

having a resting bitch face is great bc it makes people wonder if you actually hate them or not.

Because hey, your feelings are your feelings.

Having a resting bitchface is great because I can be sad or tired or mad and no one will ever know

And you know who your real friends are.

The benefit of a resting bitch face is that it keeps the weak people away. 💁🏽


Resting bitch face is so awesome. I get the space of being grumpy without the mental expense of actual grumpiness. Awesome.