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    Non-Aussies Are Sharing The Strangest Things They Just Found Out About Australia

    "I just found out that Australians call sink disposals fucking wood chippers..." — Um, what?

    1. This tried and tested mantra that keeps us humble in the darkest of days.

    Just found out that Australians say “at least we’re not in America” when they’re in a bad situation 💀💀💀 and to think I couldn’t be more embarrassed

    Twitter: @sally_ayas

    2. This common abbreviation which has become so widely accepted, that even the local franchises have rebranded to include it.

    i just found out that "maccas" is what australians call mcdonalds

    Twitter: @bonkisfine

    3. This straight-up lie that I can't even begin to comprehend???

    i just found out that Australians call sink disposals fucking wood chippers

    Twitter: @tacoscrape

    I don't know who told you this, but we don't even have sink disposals here.

    4. This savoury delight that actually shouldn't be the cause of so much confusion.

    cw food 💥just found out australians eat pies that are just meat??? like its just a pie, filled with meat?? and they get them at gas stations??? what the fuck???

    Twitter: @NihilistPanther

    5. This first-time discovery and appreciation of a culinary legend.

    Found out today that Australians eat something called fairy bread and it is just white bread with butter and sprinkles. I tried it and I can say that I understand why it is such a big thing over the pond

    Twitter: @ProFoxyTV

    6. This iconically Aussie pronunciation of a musical icon.

    Just found out that Australians pronounce AC/DC "Acca Dacca" and it's just one more reason why I must visit.

    Twitter: @SladeWentworth

    7. This righteous tradition that is probably the only reason anyone looks favourably on Australian politics.

    I just found out that Australians get Democracy Sausages on voting day!!!

    Twitter: @RosieScribblah

    8. This naming convention that simply makes sense.

    Hey I just found out that most commonly in Australia, what we know as Sprinkles, Australians know them as "Hundreds and thousands" because there are hundreds and thousands of them... I may be a little late to the party here but... WHAT?!?

    Twitter: @YouuForever

    9. This humble, nostalgic brekky staple that will always have a special place in our hearts.

    i just found out that sometimes australians eat spaghetti on toast for breakfast

    Twitter: @xokobrakai

    10. This decidedly emasculating term for what is supposed to be an intimidating gang on wheels.

    Just found out australians call biker gangs Bikies that is so cute

    Twitter: @hotolkos

    11. This quintessential Aussie name for a ciggie.

    just found out that australians call cigarettes "durry" HMMMM dont lnow how i feel about this

    Twitter: @reaayonce

    12. This re-spelling of a truly fantastic word.

    i just found out that australians spell diarrhea as “diarrhoea” im not ok don’t hmu 💔💔💔💔💔

    Twitter: @JlASTlN

    13. This, admittedly, somewhat disturbing realisation about our most beloved mascot.


    Twitter: @ajd_arianna

    14. This oft-forgotten fact that even Australians tend to overlook.

    I just found out that Sydney is not the capital of Australia. I am sorry to all Australians.

    Twitter: @Istehqaaq

    15. This cutesy name that simply makes gardening more enjoyable.

    I just found out that Australians call weed wackers “whipper snippers” and I just

    Twitter: @eminator3xf

    16. This delightful term that rightfully places potatoes alongside other precious gemstones.

    Just found out that Tater Tots are sometimes called “Potato Gems” in Australia. I knew I loved Australians for a reason. #PotatoGemsLife

    Twitter: @mubix

    17. This superior name for everyone's favourite loungewear.

    Just found out that tracky dacks is sweatpants. Now I'm on YouTube trying to find videos of Australians saying it.

    Twitter: @devinedeme

    18. This highly-visual metaphor for men's swimming trunks.

    just found out that australians call mens' boxer-brief style swimsuits "budgie smugglers"

    Twitter: @twinkspock

    19. This two-syllable improvement on the OG name, which just saves time.

    Just found out Australians call sandwiches 'sangas' and any remaining desire to visit has disappeared, just like that

    Twitter: @abjackadabra

    20. This fun improvement to the utterly boring name "slides".

    I just found out that loads of Australians call slides “slippery dips”. Fuck you people are weird

    Twitter: @ReidParker_

    21. This deliciously Aussie name for everyone's favourite dachshunds.

    I just found out that Australians call wiener dogs “sausage dogs” and from now on so will I

    Twitter: @annasquarepants

    22. This upgrade from that gross, traditional sugary-sweet sausage bun.

    found out this weekend that australians dont use hot dog buns they just throw those fuckers on a piece of white bread. i was made fun of for even suggesting the use of the bun. this place is fucked.

    Twitter: @reallycrazykid

    23. This recreational party drug that proves how resourceful Australians are.

    just found out that australians snort leather cleaner for fun so. yeah.

    Twitter: @Spencer_H286

    24. This pronunciation which is vastly superior to A-DEE-DAS.

    guys, i just found out that australians pronounce adidas "added ass"

    Twitter: @sophcw

    25. This re-ordering of words which is just better.

    just found out that australians say ‘scissors paper rock’ instead of ‘rock paper scissors’ not sure what to do with this information

    Twitter: @hanpeach

    26. This stylish accessory which once again brings to light the conflict of fanny VS. bum.

    I just found out that Australians call “fanny packs” “bum bags” so now my life is happy

    Twitter: @jranait

    27. This turn of phrase for when you're feeling heated and breathless.

    So I just found out that when Australians are out of breath they say they are ‘puffed’ 😂

    Twitter: @lindsayb96

    28. This charming little name that makes wet days all the more bearable.

    I just found out that Australians call umbrellas “brolleys” and I’m just charmed beyond belief

    Twitter: @mistydemeo

    29. This enduring insult for our dear ginger-haired friends.

    I just found out that Australians call red heads rangas (short for orangutans) and now I'm wondering why we still say ginger.

    Twitter: @souptyc

    30. This hilarious realisation that is very NSFW.

    Just found out that Australians call blow jobs "gobbies" Wtf even is Australia?!

    Twitter: @ohYEAHcallum

    31. And finally, this age-old debate over our favourite yeasty spread.

    I just found out that Australians eat something that they spread on their toast like Nutella, but it tastes like beef ? Why? That sounds disgusting.

    Twitter: @deemazingg_

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