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    29 Photos Of Desserts That Aussies Will Find Intensely Satisfying, But The Rest Of The World Will Find Confusing

    America can keep its pumpkin pie, s'mores and snickerdoodles.

    1. This king of the schoolyard bake sale: The chocolate crackle.

    2. This humble, no-frills finger bun that satisfies with every bite.

    3. This erotically-charged photo of an up-close, split-open Wagon Wheel, with its jammy, marshmallow innards bursting forth.

    4. This freezer aisle wonder, which is always the best way to end a dinner party.

    5. This densest, dreamiest slab of caramel slice you could have ever imagined.

    6. This pocket-sized taste-explosion for the ultimate dessert on the go.

    7. This throwback to the Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book — and we all know the jelly pool was gold tier.

    8. This classic favourite, Oak choccy milk, for when you're craving a little bit of sweetness with your calcium intake.

    9. This heavenly tray of God's most mighty biscuit.

    10. Which could only be topped by the exquisite ritual that we call the Tim Tam slam.

    11. This afternoon tea classic that's just as good with a cuppa, as it is by the handful.

    12. This thicc lamington square that is light, airy and made from your coconut dreams.

    13. This plate of, hands down, the very best cinema sweets you can get your mitts on.

    14. This economical sweet treat for when you want a lil' something sugary on a severe budget.

    15. This summery delight that, like a fine wine, only gets better with age.

    16. This vastly superior take on a Crunchie, the Violet Crumble.

    17. This fantastic fusion between bubble gum and ice cream.

    18. This scrumptious layering of toffee and vanilla ice cream, sweet choc coating and delicious biscuit pieces.

    19. This masterpiece duo for when you can't decide on a superior mud cake flavour.

    20. This trivia fan's favourite sweetie, to satisfy both your palate and your general knowledge.

    21. This creamy, fizzy soda and ice cream duo, which is unexplainably called a spider.

    22. This summer favourite, the classic pav, which you can top with all the fruits of your dreams.

    23. This elegant cup filled with a bevy of flavours from Australia's greatest gelato supplier, Messina.

    24. This plateful of delicious, oaty Anzac BISCUITS — that you should never dare call "cookies".

    25. This pantry staple that will always see you through the worst of days.

    26. This tangy, choccy, taste explosion, that delivers a burst of chocolate orange with every mouthful.

    27. This absolute delight of a chilled glass of Milo.

    28. This sticky, sweet, spongey beauty that I could smash through singularly.

    29. And finally, this perfect mouthful of nostalgia in the form of a vanilla slice.