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    21 Of The Funniest Reactions To The Moment Joe Biden Forgot ScoMo's Name

    It's been a long, hard winter for Australians and this is the first moment of pure joy we've had.

    In case you somehow missed it, Australians were served up a golden moment of hilarity yesterday, when US president, Joe Biden, seemingly forgot the name of our prime minister, Scott Morrison, while delivering a joint press conference:

    US President Joe Biden appeared to forget the Australian prime minister's name during a virtual meeting Instead he referred to Scott Morrison as "'that fellow down under"

    Twitter: @BBCWorld

    In the clip, which has since gone viral, Biden delivers not one, but three alternatives to ScoMo's actual name: "I want to thank, uh...that fellow Down Under. Thank you very much, pal, appreciate it, Mr Prime Minister."

    The more you watch it, the funnier it gets. It's that moment you forget your neighbour's name, so overplay your friendliness, by calling them "champ", "buddy" or, my personal favourite, "you cheeky little devil."

    Unlike the rest of the world — who appear offended and downright disrespected on our behalf — most Australians have found the whole incident fucking hilarious and have responded with their own jibes aimed at ScoMo.


    Here are some of the best ones: 


    “It’s ScoMo! My name is ScoMo!”

    Twitter: @Tuxy81


    @MatthewBevan I think it reflects what most Australians desire. That is that one day we can forget about Scott Morrison forever. #scomo #morrisonmustgo

    Twitter: @djosephmccann


    This is devastating for our national psyche. Our cultural cringe just tripled.

    Twitter: @MatthewBevan


    scomo furiously backgrounding reporters rn telling them joe has dementia

    Twitter: @cameronwilson


    Twitter: @Budulnya


    Joe Biden referring to ScoMo as ‘that fella from down under’ is perfect. Whatsisname is so respected the world over.

    Twitter: @Christie_Whelan


    Found the vision of ScoMo when Biden forgot his name

    Twitter: @tashlee


    Biden just laid the “Scotty From Marketing” nickname to rest permanently. #ThatFellaDownUnder

    Twitter: @KirstyWebeck


    It’s a little known fact that Biden was actually addressing ScoMo by his formal title #fellowdownunder #auspol #aukus

    Twitter: @blakeyjames_


    Biden forgetting scomo’s name is the highlight of my year

    Twitter: @lauraelizabxth_


    not aussies laughing over biden forgetting scomo's name but other countries making such a big deal out of it. like chill its funny

    Twitter: @DanniSafina


    Joe Biden forgetting Scomo's name is one of the most amazing things to ever happen #ThatFellaDownUnder

    Twitter: @AdamBarclay86


    All the americans are pissed that joe's a borderline dementia patient but all us australians are fucking loving that he forgot scomo's name it's perfect

    Twitter: @Crumby54945493


    Am I reading this correctly? Joe Biden forgot ScoMo's name? If that's correct that's fucking PRICELESS. Thank you for the laugh @POTUS, Australia also thinks he's pretty forgettable.

    Twitter: @iamevilcupcake


    @leonardjcohen Jealous. Wish I could forget Scomo's name. And his face, come to think of it.

    Twitter: @vinylsol


    To be fair to Biden he thought ScoMo was a medical condition not his name

    Twitter: @rorybaust


    @AndrewPStreet I think the problem wasn’t that Biden forgot Scomo’s name. He got stuck because he was trying to find a replacement for the word “dickhead” and it took a moment to come up with “bloke.”

    Twitter: @chrismagilton


    Surely “That fella Down Under” is the equivalent of running into someone in the pub whose name you can’t remember and can only come up with “Maate”.

    Twitter: @kirstinferguson


    Just popping back briefly to express my sympathy for Scott, who has gone from ‘Man of Titanium’ to ‘that fella down under’ in just under two years. Brutal stuff. Thoughts and prayers, Scott. #auspol

    Twitter: @DawsonEJ


    biden thanking the prime minister of australia, that fella down under, his pal

    Twitter: @davidmackau


    "I want to thank that fella down under. Thanks pal," says Joe Biden, referring to Daryl Somers probably.

    Twitter: @NeilMcMahon

    So here's to that fella Down Under, may all Australians one day forget your name too.