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    Aussies Are Raging At The Government (Again) And These 32 Tweets Brilliantly Sum Up Why

    Remember when Tony Abbott was prime minister and we all thought it couldn't get any worse?


    Forgot to order fire-fighting planes. Forgot to order PPE. Forgot to order vaccines. Forgot to order #RATs Does anyone see a pattern? Worst Australian government of all time. #auspol #RATfucker

    Twitter: @AaronDodd


    At a wholesale cost of $3 each the Australian government could buy 3 billion RATs for the same amount it subsidised the coal industry last year alone which was $10 billion. That’s around 130 tests for every Australian.

    Twitter: @DanielBleakley


    Must say I do not disagree with the artistic person who arranged the colourful bottles. What has SCOMO done to help the underprivileged and especially the indigenous community? NOTHING!

    Twitter: @newcastleboyy


    Everyone: shit I wish these RATs were free Scomo: eat shit you poor losers Labor: if we're elected you might eat less shit. Maybe

    Twitter: @thejimmalo


    This letter to the @smh sums up the frustration of most Australians nicely, I think. #auspol

    Twitter: @franmolloy


    Scomo's been exposed to Omicron. It seems he's ok but as he IS the PM, he should really go in to hospital just to be sure. Perhaps put him on a ventilator - just for a month or two. Then maybe an induced coma for a few years, just to be on the safe side.

    Twitter: @vinylsol


    BREAKING #AusOpen NEWS!!! #Djokovic visa approved after applying for a #Hillsong exemption. #Scomo #ScottyFromMarketing #thoughtsandprayers

    Twitter: @drop_gus


    My other graphic mate has released "Scomo Memories" digitally remastered! The Best/Worst Album ever released on the Australian Public.

    Twitter: @vogrady2132


    Scomo probably thinks he's the protagonist of Beyblade with how the situation is being handled in Aus #LetItRip #Scomo

    Twitter: @philippaboquida


    Twitter: @Claudia_Zappia


    ScoMo's really going all out at these press conferences

    Twitter: @annapiperscott


    imagine the scomo, the head of government gaslighting every hospital worker

    Twitter: @CaiiMeFuyu


    Yep, exactly how I would respond. #scomo #aus

    Twitter: @antpannell


    Twitter: @steve_sonius


    Jen at the chemist getting a RAT test for hubby. #auspol #scomo #omnlcron

    Twitter: @AussieSpock


    Compare the pair

    Twitter: @moonscapecat


    I look forward to Djokovic getting a dog and calling it Scomo or whatever.

    Twitter: @adamliaw


    This is such an affront to Australians who pay our taxes; it is a reasonable expectation to get the basic health care we need to protect our communities. #AusGov really is it’s own toxic little colony that is totally in consistent with the rest of the world.

    Twitter: @teelareid


    Anyways it’s an election year, let’s not forget how poxy #AusGov have been and how when it truly matter, it was community who pulled together, not politicians. It truly does worry me the state of politics in this country given there is not much difference between the left & right

    Twitter: @teelareid


    While we’re all distracted by #Djokovic, my sister cared for 28 seriously unwell cancer patients last night with only one other nurse. She had to work despite her partner testing +ve. Two ED Drs working with COVID symptoms cos no one else could. Guys, it’s bad #auspol

    Twitter: @GayleMcNaught


    Remember how Morrison cancelled parliament because of Covid for most of 2020, but now everyone else in Australia isn't even a close contact if we've worked full days with an infectious Covid case, and we have to go straight back to work? Bring on the election #auspol

    Twitter: @MediaAnalystOz


    I just don’t understand how on a day when there were more deaths in NSW than any other day in the pandemic that @GregHuntMP could describe the situation as “very heartening” who are these people ? #auspol

    Twitter: @dad_elsie


    Never forget: The UN recommended Morrison be charged as a human rights criminal for his actions as Immigration minister. #auspol

    Twitter: @JulianBurnside


    Twitter: @c_s_wallace


    People too afraid to leave their homes, hospitals over run, kids not sure what will happen with school (again), streets empty and no one can get tested. This is the Morrison / Perrottet version of ‘living with the virus’. How good is anti science religious zealotry…. #auspol

    Twitter: @adamajacoby


    I have not stopped laughing at this no matter how many times I have watched it

    Twitter: @anndeejam


    Thinkin bout’ Scomo being all excited to show off his stupid curry while everyone is either sick from Covid or rushing around trying to find a test to see if they’re infected. He did it with the fires. He did it with the rape. He doesn’t give a fuck.

    Twitter: @saltyskin_


    Genius move by the feds: to get an isolation payment you have to provide proof of a test, but you can't get a test. Truly wild that Scomo hasn't been eaten yet.

    Twitter: @gregmlarsen


    Been ill with Covid since just after Christmas. I finally started feeling better in the past 24 hours. There is nothing mild about it, even tho I did have mild symptoms. But it lasted almost a week. The worst - how dumb and dopey it makes you. ScoMo must have had it 13 times then

    Twitter: @SerkanTheWriter


    The shocking reality of Woolies in the wake of the Let It Rip philosophy of NSW govt. Meanwhile, Scomo laughing away at the cricket. He needs to visit a local supermarket fast to understand what’s happening on the ground.Not just home test scarcities but basic food scarcities now

    Twitter: @NikkiGemmell


    Now we have a testing system in collapse, testing rules that can’t be followed cos ScoMo didn’t buy any RATs, booster shots cancelled due to supply, and potentially COVID+ people working with sick & elderly while potentially COVID+ due to workforce shortages. 2/3

    Twitter: @emelinegaske

    32. And finally:

    excluding bushfires, this is probably the worst vibes January I’ve ever experienced

    Twitter: @cameronwilson