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    38 Photos That Could Only Have Been Taken In Australia

    This has got to be the most iconically Australian collection of pictures in existence.

    1. First up, this kookaburra sitting on a hills hoist, with a ute in the background and the overgrown Aussie bushland:

    2. This number plate from South Australia:

    3. This mug showing a pink cockatoo munching on a Bubble-O-Bill:

    4. This special edition one dollar didgeridoo:

    5. This barefoot fella in boardies, clutching a beef burger with a cheeky bit o' beetroot:

    6. This bedazzled mailbox with a bunch of old lighters, Coke caps and the crown jewel — a Holden hood ornament:

    7. This typical suburban backyard, with a kanga resting in the sunshine:

    8. This attempt by the government to relate to Aussies by speaking the common man's tongue:

    9. This sublime shot of a cockatoo resting above the Opera House:

    10. This Airtasker request that could only have been written by an Australian man:

    11. This insurance-claim diagram following a run-in with a kangaroo:

    12. This backyard barbie:

    13. This collection of iconic Aussie snacks:

    14. This intensely satisfying photo of a brand new jar of Vegemite, with a campsite set-up in the background:

    15. These wonderful Aussie critters known as the macropanesthia rhinoceros:

    16. This national tragedy that Aussies will feel sharply:

    17. This iconic serving of chippies with the Aussie-made tomato sauce dispensers:

    18. This Jatz crackers, cheese and cabanossi platter:

    19. This hilariously up-front sign:

    20. And this one, too:

    21. This taste-of-Oz on a plate:

    22. This trap-and-release spider tool:

    23. This bumper sticker:

    24. This sunset shot of Skippy:

    25. These mates carting a 24-pack of beers home:

    26. This *chef's kiss* serving of Milo on top of ice cream:

    27. This cafe sign:

    28. This — admittedly photoshopped — pic of a koala with a VB tin and durry in hand:

    29. This sleeve tattoo that might be the most Australian inking I've ever seen:

    30. This iconic duo:

    31. These lazy 'roos taking a beachside snooze:

    32. This toilet roll holder with the Aussie coat of arms:

    33. This giant koala:

    34. This limited-edition $100 Aussie coin:

    35. This magpie coming in for the kill during spring:

    36. And this one, too:

    37. Then there's this guy, who just wants to make friends:

    38. And finally, this very Australian sign that you'll find on many-a-highway around this great nation:

    What do you think, Aussies — do these photos sum up Australia nicely? And for my non-Aussie readers, what do you make of this strange collection of pictures? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!