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    Updated on 12 Nov 2019. Posted on 12 Nov 2019

    KFC Just Opened Their World-First "Drive Thru Only" Joint In Newcastle, Because Of Course They Did

    All hail the almighty Newie.

    If you needed another excuse to pack up your bags and bail outta Sydney, sink ya teeth into this: KFC have just cut the ribbon on their very first Drive Thru Only restaurant.


    And it's located in the ~illustrious~ suburb of Broadmeadow, Newcastle. Where all good things begin.

    And if you detest human interaction — good news! Unlike traditional KFC restaurants, you can simply place your order on the app, before cruising on through to collect your meal.


    All you have to do is roll up to a boom gate, enter your unique four-digit code, then wait for your order to be prepared for pick-up. Fresh, finger-lickin' flavaaa.

    With five lanes dedicated to feeding chicken-lovers up and down the east coast, this spicy joint is here to satisfy your every craving for the Colonel.


    Two lanes will have traditional order options (i.e. a boring intercom system), alongside three online pick-up lanes (manned by humans, not robots...unfortunately).

    Drive Thru Only officially opens on November 13 and will be operating from 10 a.m. until midnight, seven glorious days a week.


    BRING. IT. ON.


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