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    Aussies Are Pointing Out The Strangest Differences Between Our State Cultures And It's Hilarious

    "This bad habit is our equivalent to Americans and guns."

    We all know that when it comes to Aussie slang, each state reads from a very different dictionary — but our colourful vernacular is just one of the ways that Australian culture differs state to state.

    Which is why Reddit user u/BloodedNut asked of their fellow Aussies: "What’s the biggest differences you’ve seen between states?"

    "And no, I don't mean what we each believe is the correct name for a crumbed bit of chicken with tomato sauce [parmi, no questions], but what are some actual big differences?" They wrote. "Like, why the hell is NSW and Queensland okay with their whole interstate road infrastructure being heavily tolled and privatised?" 

    In the comments, Aussies were quick to share their thoughts around the big things that sum up our stately differences.

    1. Not every state gets to enjoy the spoils of Aldi.

    "Queensland Aldis don't sell booze. Tweed Heads Aldi, here I come!"


    "Aldi isn’t in Tasmania either — and not for lack of potential customers or enthusiasm. It’s because it’s too hard to continually restock their specialist supply chains from ships and planes that are already overwhelmed with demand."


    "Northern Territory Aldi doesn’t exist. We tried twice, but we can’t be trusted."


    2. Hook turns only exist in Melbourne (mercifully...).

    For context: A hook turn is a right hand turn you must make from the left hand lane — and Melbourne has 49 of 'em! 

    "Melbourne being the only city in the world that legally uses hook turns. First time I experienced it I left with trauma."


    "Hook turns are easy. Saves having the trams held up or ploughing through the side of your car."


    "As a New South Welshman, I had a trial by fire with this. I'm sure passers-by heard me yelling things like 'Ahh, what the fuck is this fucking bullshit, fucking what fuck-wit thought this was a good idea?!' etc."


    3. The Northern Territory is the most unique place in the world.

    "The Northern Territory beyond Darwin and Alice Springs is a place every Australian should experience. I've travelled every state and territory and if I had to pick one people shouldn't die without seeing, it's the NT."


    "There is a lot of WW2 history in the NT too. Farmers constantly finding unexploded bombs when ploughing the fields as well as abandoned runways, ammunition dumps and anti-aircraft positions."


    4. Not all pints are created equally.

    "Pints in South Australia not actually being pints. You did say you wanted the big issues..."


    "Your pot is a schooner, your schooner is a pint, your pint is an imperial pint. I live here and yeah, it's bullshit."


    "Yeah, for some reason we fucked up the sizes here:

    Butcher is around 100ml.

    Schooner somewhere near 285ml.

    Pint usually comes in at 470ml.

    Imperial pint gets closer to 570ml."


    5. Not every state is obsessed with pokies.

    "WA has no pokies anywhere. It was a shock that every pub and watering hole in the east is a shrine to the one-armed button bandit."


    "It’s not just weird compared to WA, but weird compared to the rest of the world. Something like 90% of all the non-casino pokies in the entire world are in Australia (and I’m pretty sure something like 40% of all pokies, full stop).

    As well as being this whole cultural blind spot that we don’t know is weird AF — this bad habit is our equivalent to Americans and guns."


    "WA does not have pokies or those weird members clubs that are basically sleazy casinos. When I lived over east, I found it super weird that my colleagues wanted to go for work drinks at 'the club' — just because the food and drink was subsidised by the palpable misery of gambling that permeated every space in the establishment. People who live in NSW seem to think it’s normal."


    6. Road tolls are aggressively expensive in NSW and VIC — but nowhere else.

    "No tolls in SA or WA — [or Tasmania]!"


    "I like tolls, because in principle it means the people using the roads are paying for them — and in practice because it means more people use public transport."


    "In Melbourne, tolls make sense because the whole city is well covered by public transport, and the layout is radial and makes sense. In Sydney, it's a tax on the poor because the most heavily tolled roads go to and from the Western Suburbs, where they have American levels of public transport so are forced to use cars to get around."


    "Queensland only has a few tolled roads in Brisbane. It’s got nothing on the cluster fuck that is Sydney tolled roads and no one’s okay with it — it’s the shit government that’s been in power for ages."


    7. Something called spearmint milk only exists in WA.

    "Why is WA the only place you can buy spearmint milk? It’s the best."


    "It's like the mint in chocolate mint ice cream. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but you're not going to spit it out unless you're particularly sensitive to the flavour."


    8. As well as a non-alcoholic drink called kole beer.

    For context: Kirks Kole Beer is a sweet, cola-style soft drink, sold only in Western Australia.

    "WA is the only place with kole beer and nobody else knows what they’re missing out on because everyone just craps on about spearmint milk and chicken treat."


    "My kole beer stock is down to two cans now (I live in Scotland). Rationing them for special occasions!"


    9. While the infamous, soggy pie floater continues to exist only in South Australia.

    For context: It's a pie, upside down, in a bowl of pea soup.

    "Pie floaters only being an Adelaide thing."


    "What is it about the Adelaidian phenotype that makes them look at a pie and go 'This isn't anywhere near wet enough'."


    10. As well as frog cakes.

    "Frog cakes are only sold in SA."


    "Which are neither frogs, nor cakes."


    11. The worst driving habits depends on what state you're in.

    "Honestly, when crossing the border between NSW/Victoria, you can instantly tell a difference between the types of bad drivers that exist.

    Victoria's bad drivers are way more about being able to do what they want, when they want. U-turn even though it risks 27 peoples' lives? Don't mind if I do!

    I heard there was a recent survey conducted about various states' favourite camping spots. In NSW, the most popular camping spot was Jervis Bay. Meanwhile, in Victoria, they're huge fans of camping in my blind spot.

    NSW drivers only care about being first. If anyone dares drive 2km/h below the speed limit, they're tailgated within 27cm."


    "Here in Queensland, they don't pay attention and run into the back of each other.

    Back in Tasmania, everyone can carve a mountain road like a rally driver, but nobody can merge or use a roundabout..."


    12. The colour of the sky.

    "My husband and I lived in Melbourne for a few years and on our road trip back when we crossed the borders we commented the sky seemed a slightly different shade, but we never mentioned it to anybody else because it sounded crazy to even us."


    "Melbourne usually has pretty deep blue I guess, not a lot of high cloud to milk it out. Occasionally, on those really hot days, it can look a bit white."


    "I always find the sky in Queensland to be more saturated and the colour of the sun to definitely be more saturated, especially compared to down here in Victoria."


    13. Ginger snaps.

    "Ginger snaps are different between most states."


    "I am both disturbed and also love it."


    "As a Victorian, I can confirm the Queensland gingernuts are superior."


    14. Having booze open while you drive.

    "In SA, as long as you're under the limit (0.05), you can enjoy a frosty beer as you drive. Or wine, rum, etc. No open container laws."


    "In WA, not even passengers are allowed an open alcohol container here."


    "Same with NSW/VIC, you'd get a MASSIVE fine."


    15. Deep-fried potato slices.

    "Moved to WA from Victoria and always get a weird response ordering potato cakes, they say potato scallops or some wrong shit, it ain't right."


    "It’s not right at all, it’s called a potato scallop (NSW)."


    "They're a goddam fritter. Accept it and move on (SA)."


    16. Weapon laws.

    "South Australia vs. Victoria weapon laws. In Victoria, a sword is so deadly they list it multiple times under prohibited weapons alongside guns. In SA, it's as legal as a baseball bat, so if you have a valid reason, you can walk the streets with a sword."


    17. Flight attendants.

    "If you want a microcosm of different state cultures, get the last, late-night Qantas flight to that state and observe the flight attendants: NT anything goes, laughing, jokes all around, accomodating, no shoes no problem. In Queensland, aging white women looking to insert themselves and control customers, uphold ‘dress codes’ and give out dirty looks. For Tasmania, see NT, but shoes must be worn and everyone’s white. NSW, unfriendly, busy, looking stressed, heavy makeup, barely remember they’re there to serve customers. Victoria, see NSW, but friendlier."


    18. Cannabis.

    For context: Under ACT law, Canberrans can possess up to 50 grams of dried cannabis and 150 grams of wet cannabis. If you exceed these limits, you may be fined, but not criminally charged. 

    "Cannabis laws in Canberra!"


    "The fact that the rest of Australia still considers weed a criminal offence is so fucked."


    19. And finally, restaurant and cafe culture.

    "Restaurant culture and quality in Victoria and SA reminds me of Europe. But in Queensland, NT and WA, it reminds me of the US. That's a pretty big difference. No real opinion on NSW, haven't been there enough to say, but feel it's a bit halfway. And Tasmania should probably go in the same bin as Victoria and SA, except at smaller scale."


    "I'd agree with this one. Dining in NSW or Melbourne is very similar to Europe, both in quality and attitude. But eating out in Queensland or WA gave me big American vibes — massive portions and poorer quality."


    What do you think, Aussies — any massive differences between states that were missed out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

    Reddit responses have been edited for length and/or quality.