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    24 Of The Best Tweets About The Ridiculousness Of Australia's Census

    "The 'How did you get to work today?' question on the Census form can go fuck itself."

    Last night was the official Census night in Australia. Which means that — unless you're one of the few highly-organised Aussies who filled it in ahead of time — you likely spent the evening craning over a phone or laptop, answering questions related to your health, income, religion, housing conditions and other social factors, all courtesy of a survey sent out by the Australian Bureau Of Statistics (ABS).


    The data is collected every five years by the ABS and is used to assist in determining policies and the allocation of government funding. 

    This year, the Census has come under fire for a myriad of reasons, including being sexist, trans-exclusionary and erasing LGBTIQ+ people.

    The ABS erasing LGBTIQ+ people from the Census is a deliberate government strategy: what isn’t counted doesn’t exist

    Twitter: @joshuabadge

    To mark the end of this ~special time~ in Australians' lives, we've rounded up the very best Tweets mocking the Census:


    See you in another five years, mate. 


    So many options on this #Census - fun so far.

    Twitter: @Dean_Nye


    You can be fined 2000 for lying on the census form but you can lie in federal parliament with no punishment whatsoever.

    Twitter: @OccupyMyGov


    *NSW government official checking the 2021 census results* Ah. It seems we no longer need any buses or trains. Or parking structures.

    Twitter: @MatthewBevan


    Some of these census questions are a bit weird?

    Twitter: @JonPiccini


    Couples around the country currently coming to terms with how much domestic work they actually do at home. #Census

    Twitter: @AvaniDias


    Nice to see the Census using the same methodology as my grandfather - randomly assigning gender to my toddlers because he hasn’t figured out they/them yet.

    Twitter: @NayukaGorrie


    The next Census is going to ask if you believe the earth is flat. #Census2021au

    Twitter: @scottdools


    The "how did you get to work today" question on the census form can go fuck itself

    Twitter: @DaveMilbo


    The Census: “Queer people? Never heard of them. Anyway, how much housework do you do?”

    Twitter: @rosealicepiper


    "The census is a breach of privacy" posts man on app that sells his every private detail to the highest bidder

    Twitter: @chaser


    There were some typos on the Census envelope so I fixed them. #census2021 #auspol

    Twitter: @deckeyesbevan


    Question 31 on the #Census2021au “Potato cakes or Potato Scallops?” took me by surprise.

    Twitter: @Picketer


    Hi! If you're a trans woman doing the #Census2021au tonight and don't know how to fill out the 'sex' question here's a simple guide.

    Twitter: @sayuhhm


    “Where The Fuck Was Scott Morrison For The Last Two Years?” And 7 Other New Questions Added To This Year’s Census

    Twitter: @TheShovel


    not to get all hermione granger about it, but i did my census last week

    Twitter: @alexbrucesmith


    every distant-unknown-relative-at-christmas // the census

    Twitter: @BishopAlice


    How long do you have to send in your paper form census? And what would happen if I accidentally got my poo test and census mixed up?

    Twitter: @BecWrong


    That census is a real mood killer. Yes I’m alone, yes really alone, yes there is no one else, yep just me, no I have had no babies and yes I’m sure I’m really alone. Thanks for asking 👌

    Twitter: @GandWalter


    Cis allies becoming enraged by the structural transphobia of the Census is the only thing getting me through today.

    Twitter: @YvesRees


    Some of these #census questions were different from last time. Did anyone else get these?

    Twitter: @danfriendmusic


    Yeah, #census night is going well. Both my housemate (pictured) and I have had a meltdown with all these questions!

    Twitter: @E1MaWa


    Sneaky of the census to slip in "Are you racist but sorry bout it?" into the census, forevermore to be known as the Tex Walker Index.

    Twitter: @ScottTrindall


    She rolled out of bed….. #Census2021au

    Twitter: @SheahanClaire


    Census throwing some lockdown shade. #census2021

    Twitter: @JoseParkinson

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