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    IKEA Just Released An Australian Animal Into Their Soft Toy Range And I've Never Been Prouder

    It's like my life-long crush has finally, finally acknowledged my existence.

    Today is a day for the history books, my friends: For the first time ever, IKEA has added an Aussie animal to their soft toy range and it is GLORIOUS.


    But which animal, I hear you ask? The suspense is positively ~intoxicating~.

    With so many iconic Aussie creatures to choose from, it could have been anything from a huntsman spider, to a swooping magpie, or the majestic bin-chicken.

    Getty / BuzzFeed

    So many stars, so little spotlight.

    But, at the end of the day, they couldn't go past the classic cuddly koala — and who can blame them?


    I feel seen and it feels good.

    Named Sheilä and baby Güs (yes, really), these two cuties have already been touring some of Sydney's iconic sights.


    Ah, an overcast day at Bondi. Sublime.

    To celebrate their release, IKEA are also running an Insta-comp where you can win one of five $200 gift cards.

    IKEA / BuzzFeed

    So get amongst it.

    All ya gotta do is snap a pic of Sheilä and Güs in a place that makes Oz uniquely great, with the hashtag #IKEAAustralia.

    Getty / BuzzFeed

    The competition launches on the @IKEA_Australia Instagram on October 29 and will be open until November 12.

    So get in your car, get a Güs and get yoself a gift card!


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