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    I Literally Cannot Believe That Some Americans Don't Understand Seasons In The Southern Hemisphere

    Explaining this one more time for the seats in the back.

    It's come to my attention of late, that there is a serious flaw in the American education system.

    I'm speaking of the recent (and, quite frankly, concerning) commentary from my American friends questioning why and how Australia is currently experiencing a different season.

    And honestly, hand on my heart, I'm not judging the masses here — the fact that this is clearly not explained to some Americans in primary school is a perplexing revelation.

    So even though it feels like a fact that doesn't need repeating, I'm going to go through this one more time for anyone who skipped the chapter about the Earth's journey around the sun.

    What this means is that, yes, when those in the northern hemisphere are plunged into an icy winter — those of us south of the equator (such as Oz, New Zealand and South Africa) are revelling in heat.

    So in conclusion: A whole world exists outside of the United States of America. Come and see it, it's pretty nice.