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Will Frank Ocean's Album Actually Come Out Friday?

Frank Ocean is why I have trust issues.

As you may already be aware, Frank Ocean promised us an album in July. It is now August and we have no album.

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by Frank Ocean

Then, on Monday, he set up a mysterious livestream on the album's website that seemed promising, but answered absolutely nothing. People damn near lost their minds.

BUT THEN the New York Times got a hot tip that the album, Boys Don't Cry is coming out THIS FRIDAY.

But at this point, do you even believe it anymore?

Frank Ocean: Expect my new album this coming Friday! Me:

People are already bracing themselves for disappointment.

If Frank Ocean doesn't happen on Friday I'm going to release my version of Thinking Bout You on my recorder and it'll be hell

How are we to trust again?

marriage counselor: what's the problem wife: he has extreme trust issues marriage counselor: wheres this coming from me: frank ocean

Twitter: @EJGomez

Is Frank Ocean even real?

Frank Ocean was just a really good dream we all had, he not a real person.

Twitter: @NikoWavy

We've all been hurt too many times.


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